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Name: Hue Spectrum aka Huey
Age: 256
Height: 16" (40.64cm)
Race: Gnome
Hue is very very short, as expected of a Gnome. His head takes up the majority of his body weight and size with more muscles in his face than a human allowing for excessively exaggerated expressions. His eyes are streaked multi-coloured like a rainbow in horizontal lines. His nose is very long with his nostrils very broad (A common point of humour amongst dirty minded humans) while His eyebrows are very bushy. Huey has no teeth, only gums forcing him to live off soup. Atop his head he wears a Beret he accidentally uber-super-glued to his scalp. He wears Wooden Clogs for shoes and a pair of slightly too loose overalls.

Hue suffers excessively from short man syndrome. He gets extra angry when called a Leprechaun though, causing him to literally turn red. The only time Hue isn't angry is when he's drunk (so long as no-one calls him a Leprechaun) where he becomes a bit of an eccentric pervert with a habit of picking up multiple chicks (before, literally, throwing them to the curb the next morning from hung-over enhanced rages) He also has a terrible habit of pissing on people; his wee tasting like mountain dew. He also acts as a vending machine for skittles by releasing the colours of the rainbow from his rectum.

Fighting Style:
Hue, as expected of a Gnome, has short arms and legs basically making Huey's move list an array of head-butts, dives and flying double clog kicks. Also Hue has the ability to shoot massive giant laser beams from his mouth when he is in 'red' (super angry) mode (hence why he has no teeth).

Background History:
"I was once a successful basketball player!" Huey sobbed into the jug of Absinthe "I had my whole life in front of me. I was tall, I was handsome, I was seven feet high looking down on everyone" he wiped his tears away with the shirt from the attractive brunettes bosom "All I wanted; was some Mountain Dew and Skittles from the Vending Machine" Hue rested his head on the woman's breasts  "You know what it said!? It said 'NOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!'" The busty brunette comforted the poor Gnome while measuring the size of his nose "A strange Asian dragon granted me a wish he said 'One wish, one wish. I grant you one wish, one wish'" He bawled as he tried to mock the Asian's accent "All I said I wanted, all I wanted; 'I JUST WANT THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!'" He buried himself deeper into her enormous cushions "The dragon said 'YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED'; his eyes glowed and I... and I... I turned into THIS!!!!"
"Oh you poor dear, here allow me and my sister to comfort you." At this remark Huey's nose bled just a little bit.
Ok this character isn't actually used for anything. I made him up one night while honestly being a complete idiot. He serves no purpose but that of a jokes.
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March 21, 2012
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