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So the last week I went and visited my mum who I haven't visited in about a year, even though she only lives 300km's away, due to me not having a car that I wanted to chance driving that far. I thus had to resort to taking the train down, which then resulted in the train not working and having to bus all the way down. That said while down their I managed to find a reasonably priced car for sale and now I have a new car. I have finally upgraded from the awful Holden Barina to a Kia Rio. Until this morning it also had a butterfly tramp stamp on the top of its window. It still has no name, haven't thought of anything for it. The Barina I formally just called B**** since like all Barinas - it sucked hole.

In other news I am working on a short story and the following pixel piece:

 photo Eirxon_signature_zpsuvsyp15v.png

Also started game development on a game with a mate of mine so expect to hear more about that soon. I should also post some more updates on Oneiric as well. XD
Update on University progress - So technically I haven't graduated. Even though last time I was in student services I was told I had completed everything for my minor it turns out that person was wrong and I still have to do a part 2 unit for my minor to finish my studies. Here's the catch, there is no units this semester I can do. I either have to wait for next year or do what is called an Individual Study Contract which is kind of like a mini honours degree.
Well at least I know what is going on.
Sorry I have not been posting for ages, this semester of University has been full on.

First and for most. I missed out on going to comicon due to having to concentrate on my uni studies and projects. That said I found out some really awesome news. My animation For Game Animation  was shown at Comicon for my University's panel and setup. Pretty stoked about that. If you are interested I uploaded a very compressed file to my old Youtube account:

Also, this semester we have been working on a game that is designed to help stroke survivors to regain movement in their arms. We have been working beside WANRI (Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institution) with actual Stroke Survivors as Advisers. We honestly didn't think the application game we were developing would be that great, but even though we have only allowed the Advisers to use the 0.8 version of the application for an insanely short period we can already see short term results. Pretty sweet. Who said games were just entertainment.

My other units have also been going pretty good, although I could use a lot more sleep. After this semester is done I will be focusing once more on art and my game. In a moths time expect to see a tonne of updates on the development of Oneiric. ;)

Hope everyone else is going amazing!
So on Monday the 23rd I turned a quarter of a century (25). Must say I am getting old and wondering why I've yet to really achieve anything. I'm sure I'll get somewhere soon with perseverance.

Really not certain what to make of my life up until now. I oft feel I wasted a lot of time trying to make friends. This sentiment is reinforced when I had my Birthday party on Saturday and zero of my so called friends rocked-up. The time spent forming those so called friendships I could have spent improving my art, better learning programs like Unreal and Unity. I guess I could say i have found more friendship in pets than I ever have in a fellow human.

I seem to be growing more and more cynical as I grow older. I get the feeling by the time I'm half a century I will be waving a cane around telling kids to get off my lawn. For the time being I'm making art my outlet.

For all the amazing artists on here though, thank you for lighting up my day and bringing a smile to my face with your colours. If only reality mimicked the canvas.
So forgot to mention I confronted the manager that gave me hell and we made some progress. So yeah, all's good. ^_^
So if work is ever letting you down, tell them about it. Try not to scream as much as me though XD

Today I am also moving house so that will be fun
Sick of the store management here. One manager gives me work but doesn't tell the other. I don't get the normal other stuff done because I'm doing what that manager tells me to do. They then all complain about me behind my back to everyone but then be kind and say absolutely nothing to my face. I really do not know how much more I can take of this anymore.
For those who don't know, I am one of those insane Magic: The Gathering players who spends too much money on cardboard. Well it was prerelease weekend again and I also had to work both nights. The end result is I got no sleep. (but I did get some sweet new cards)

So now I am back to breathing and recovering my sleeping pattern. With that, I am back to trying to do some art :3

In other news, I'm thinking of drawing/digital painting my own play mat for playing magic with.
Well it's the hectic time of the year again. I've been working my ass off and I am certain most you have too. Tomorrow is the day many people celebrate as Christmas. Me, I celebrate the old viking way.

So may you all have an awesome holiday period - regardless if you remember it or not.
Now that I have semi-decent internet... UPLOAD ALL THE STUFF!!!!


Also hello again everyone
With your limbs aching from a long journey you enter the old musty space, sweeping away a sprawl of cobwebs. Dust has settled itself on every surface, and in every crevice, since you had last walked through the doors into the domain. As particles of age sneak into your nostrils you sneeze harshly while the moldy air crawls into your throat. Tears form in your eyes as the fifth and final sneeze brings pain to your shoulder. The jerking action had always poked the old injury of yours. Looking about you see old pieces of art hidden under a blanket of dirt and grime, how long had it been since you were last here? In the corner you see an old broom that you decide to put to use.

Back and forth you move the bristle-ended pole across the floor, reveal the wood floorboards below. Where you have not swept your feet leave prints in grey sheet. It takes several hours of going to and fro before the room is restored to a state of habitability. A hundred letters lie before you on the old oak desk, most of them are tinted yellow in colour. You consider opening them all up and reading but a quick glance at your watch reminds you time is short, as it always is these days. Instead you scoop up the pile and walk it out to the bin still left sitting on the verge. The sun was beginning to lower from its zenith and you knew in a few hours you'd have to return to the monotony of work. For now though you steel back into the domain and picked up your old paints. The brushes are worn, stiff and frayed, the paints for the most part clogged and need unsealing. The canvas' themselves are in even worse conditions, it looks like rats had taken to them in your absence. The most unpolished of all things though are your skills, it has been so long and tapping into that old creativity is difficult with all the force remembered facts drilled into you. It's going to be difficult to get back into the sway but it is time to deviate away from reality - and back into the fantasy you once lived.
All assignments/projects and done for this semester!!!!! Got rid of my terrible flu, passed my rent inspection, got through all the freezer changes at work. All up, I think I might finally start having time to do shit next week! ^_^
This weekend though I shall be heading down south to see my lovely mum and attend my good friend's birthday party where I'll be rocking a Zoot Suit. =3
Got second place in Jamatos gameboy challenge. Pretty happy with that. =3
Seriously, it's been like what, two months. I'm sorry I haven't paid much attention to DA. Uni has been keeping me very busy.

In other news, my computer is having mass issues and using 3DS MAX on it instantly crashes it. This has not been fun for me.

Good news though, had a mate down this weekend and have had plenty of time just gaming and De-stressing from uni.
Barely holding on right now. I have 3/5 assignments done and the other 2 are 3/4 done. I am so keen for the study week next week. Sleep will be marvelous.

Also, I'm keen to actually do some pixelart, with how bust I've been with Uni and the rent inspection - there has been no free moments for pixel pushing.
So I'm ditching the DA Day thing as I'm just not as active as I want to be.

So I'm two weeks into Uni Semester, and I'm already exhausted. I seem to be spending most of the days doing homework. It is rather exhausting, but enjoyable. Currently doing a lot of work for Games Art - it which is a lot of work.
SO today was my Birthday! My lovely mummy took me to Hogs Breath Cafe, which kicked ass and now I feel like a freaking hippo. Ate so much. Other than that, I spent the day at a Writer's festival, which was mostly authors talking wank about their books, but I got a couple useful things from it. Probably got more from the walk back to the traino where I came up with some wicked imagery descriptions.

Aside from this, I am back at Uni and working my ass off. Enjoying it a lot as well.

Like most consumerist holidays, I dislike the concept of valentines Day. As a single male who gat even get a girl to look twice at him - I despise the day. Each day I check my messages, my facebook wall or my usual forums - it's plagued with couples talking about stupid romantic crap. Sorry to any watchers who are in a relationship - but damn does it feel like this days entire concept is based around the idea of couples bragging that they are couples. I've gone through several Valentines days single and I've just smiled and though - eh they are wasting money, but after a while it starts to get real irksome seeing every piece of media plaguing the whole "Do this for your love this Valentines".


So, while I highly doubt anyone will actually read this, I did a re-adaption of the fairy tale 'The Glass Coffin', would anyone be interested in reading it?
Aside from this, I've been doing some mass writing and bugger all art. Unfortunately I've also been sick this week with some weird stomach pains and really heavy feeling limbs - so I've done little other than play games, read and write.

Also, I've heard that Sly4 actually lives up to the rest of the Sly games. Now I want!
In case you can't work this out from my most recent upload - I watched the entire series of ef: A Tale of Memories the other day and found it amasing. A very beautiful romance/slice-of-life anime that left me bawling like a little kid. I seriously cannot recommend this show enough - I challenge anyone to watch the entire series without crying.

Also, RIP to André Cassagnes - the creator of the Etch A Sketch. easily one of my favourite toys growing up.

On another subject unrelated to my upload, I went to Waicon (Perth Anime Convention) over the week. It was brilliant aside from the fact that Transperth decided that track maintenance needed to occur that weekend - meaning I had to take a 3 hour bus ride from where I lived to the convention center - almost missing watching the Cosplay Competition. I have to say, the commitment of some cosplayers is amasing. There was a chick who was dressed as Ultima: The High Seraph from FFXI with a 8 meter wide wooden wing span. It was incredible. In fact have a random youtube upload of it:…
Holly crap, looks who just uploaded some stuff. =O

So everyone, I haven't been doing too much in the way of art of recent. The only stuff I've been doing is: concept art for my games, that I do not plan on releasing; 3D texturing, which isn't overly interesting to upload; Commission work, that isn't to be uploaded yet; a tonne of pixel art wips, that are not up to upload standards; and lots of writing for my actual novel series and the Neo Duelist league - which both will not be uploaded here.
So, it means I haven't been posting too much up here. I'm hoping when I go back to Uni I should be creating a lot more stuff for you to all view.
I do have some old photo manipulations from one of my digital design class if anyone is interested. I'm not really that good at photo manipulations though, and they don't really hold much in the way of interest to me.

On another note, I've also kind of been avoiding this place. I've started to dislike a lot of the community.By this I do not mean my watchers and those I watch, but people on the forums and in groups; however, I realised it was unfair to those who do watch me to simply stop uploading because of that, and it certainly isn't fair for those who entered into the Thousand Swords Challenge. So, I am now back here and will hopefully start pumping some art out that is stuff that's actually upload worthy. I'm thinking I need to stop taking on paid commissions as well, as I keep pushing back other stuff I've promised to people so I can get the paid for stuff done on time.

Anyway, in other news - last weekend was the Global Game Jam. I wasn't origionally going to participate, but a friend who'd gone to the actual game jam location in Perth to help with music and audio, requested some art - so I ended up spending most me weekend doing that. On the positive side, it feels good when you have a deadline to do things in - it actually motivates me to get stuff done. I'm thinking I should make up a weekly roster for myself that has 1 day a week of pixels, one day a week for novel, one day a week for other writing, one day for digital drawing, one day for traditional drawing and then a couple days off to just play video games or do solely Uni Work. I might start this next week.
So a friend of mine showed me a youtube channel called wafflepwn and said I'd find it funny.

Honestly, I no longer have any faith in humanity. The kid Steven is just a psychopath who requires being thrown in a psychiatric ward. I honestly cannot see how people find it funny. It's just a spoiled little rich brat who deserves to be smashed in the face.

In other news, I'm think of running an abstract art guessing game. Basically I'll digitally draw something in a very abstract manner and in the comments people will guess what it is. Now, I don't have any prizes, and it's just something for fun to distress from serious art - but I thought some of yah's might like the idea. =)