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Our eye's met; locked in battle. I could feel my lids already starting to twitch as we stared at each other. My teeth grounded as I forced my Iris to keep it's gaze. The clock nearby ticked away and my tear ducts were begging to itch; it wasn't long before they would start to leak. The twitching was growing more erratic and it was taking all my self control Not to let the lids snap shut. My opponent was struggling more though, I could see the sweat upon his brow, see his teeth biting into his bottom lip. Then, with a thankful sigh from me, my enemy faltered; with a shed of a tear his eyes blinked uncontrolled. I'd won again!
"Damn you!" That was all my opponent had to say as I gratefully closed my own eyes and savored the relief.
I made this for a forum post but decided to copy and past it to here because I found it that amusing. =D
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March 22, 2012
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