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Zombie Sunday:

Chapter 1 – How

The monitor of his workplace computer
covered Larry in a blanket of light as he typed in the same
monotonous rhythm he did every night after office hours. In the
background a traditional clock echoed it's ticks throughout the empty
floor, the only noise to be heard aside from the accountant's fingers
tapping across the keyboard. Paperwork was always so unbelievably
boring and that was the entirety of his job. The only reasons he
entered this profession were; the fact he was good at money, and the
fact it gave him a tonne of cash.

Lifting his fingers from the keyboard,
he sipped the last dregs of his coffee, and sighed in relief, “Oh
look, I'm finished paperwork for the night.”
He could of done his work during the
day with everyone else; but that meant doing work alongside everyone
else. There were many things Larry lacked compared to most people;
desires to socialise were the most prominent. He didn't trust anyone,
not his mother nor even his brother. Loner Lloyd, a nickname he'd had
all throughout primary school, high school, university and even
adulthood. A name that suited him so perfectly he wasn't bothered by
it in the slightest. He was a loner; a loner by choice. Pulling out
his smart-phone he browsed through his schedule for the next evening,
a schedule that never changed, deciding what he should do for dinner
this late in the evening. Just as  normal as everything else, he had
forgotten to purchase dinner again this week. Fast food was all that
was ever available at this time, “Hastily prepared trash again
it seems.”
Switching off the computer tower Larry
rose to his feet and left for his usual work through the black
corridors of the building, clock ticking loudly in the background.

As he clambered down the staircase the
light from his phone cast shadows all about him, throwing his own
silhouette face across the walls. “Fourty degrees tomorrow,
looks as though sleeping in won't be much of an option.”
Closing his weather application he
opened his news program. The feel of a newspaper was much more
appealing to Larry but he couldn't deny the convenience of such media
in digital format. Scrolling through the headlines he took a quick
garner at everything that looked interesting. A particular stock rise
of an oil company was most appealing. Opening the door to the vacant
ground floor he eyed a headline of an apparently related topic
'Scientists create new super soldier drug'.
“Brilliant. Just what this
warmongering country requires; more deadly people to go with the more
deadly weaponry.”
Larry imagined a group of mindless
brutes running around punching each other. “Just what we need,”
he repeated to himself. Talking out loud wasn't much of an issue when
nobody was around to piss on him for it. Stepping outside into the
warm breeze he saw his destination just across the road. “As
much as I hate the trash I cannot deny the convenience of that as

A bell rang as Larry entered in the
humid store; not that there was much point in signalling his arrival
as there was already multiple obese fat asses waiting for food. Larry
highly doubted that many of those stuffing their faces had ever heard
the word exercise. Waiting at the counter amongst the walking lard,
Larry turned his focus to the Television hanging from the roof.
'- so what exactly sets this drug
aside from the rest already being utilised by the United forces?'

It seems as though the whole super
soldier drug thing is big news. Again visions of mindless brutes
smashing one another's faces in came to mind.
'it actually has a physical affect
upon the users. It doesn't just enhance awareness and bolster
adrenaline it actual morphs the muscles making the person in question
more agile, faster, move more effectively- '

Practically just said the same thing
three times. Only one more person before he would have the
unmistakeable pleasure of being served by a coughing, acne infested,
'-and makes them more durable,
stronger and tougher than steel-'

Why didn't he just say tougher than
steel in the first place?
“Ah hey sir. What would you want
to order?”
“I'd like some efficient grammar
with a side of a cheeseburger and some chips”
“Sorry sir?” The blank
stare on the pubescent cashier's face was too much for Larry handle.
“Just the cheeseburger and
“Certainly sir. five-ten is that
As Larry picked out the cash from his
wallet he had to concentrate to stop his eyebrow from twitching at
the last comment. The boy left to serve another man of jelly leaving
Larry to wait at the counter for his food.
'-but the most crucial detail to the
S.S.E. Pills is not the physical alterations but the mental
enhancements. It allows the prescribed to not only think clearer but
it's also capable of changing the cognitive thought process for each
new situation allowing a soldier on the front lines to react fast,
think fast and act faster. Allowing our above average soldiers-'

I believe below is the word they were
looking for.
'-to have ever increasing IQ; making
them more intelligent and more efficient warriors.'

Maybe they'll actually acquire a basic
enough intelligence to realise the futility and pointlessness of war.
“Sir, burger are ready.”
“Is ready” Larry responded
curtly, “thanks.”
Taking his food Larry tried to imagine
if the drugs, the so-called-scientist was promoting, would work on
the idiot at the counter. Taking a seat he unwrapped the burger and
noticed a sever lack of cheese. “Hopefully that drug will also
work on the numbskull who prepared my food” this time stating
his thoughts out loud, loud enough for the cashier to hear them.
Pulling out his smart phone he saw the
headline still in bold on it's screen. “Smart phones and stupid

The first chapter into my Zombie Sundays novel I will be writing.

Fixed the spacing so all good now!

New title. Still not happy with it but much better than previous.
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