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A loud buzzing frightens me, causing me to look towards the oil painted orange sky. Up in the cracked distorted heavens, an uncountable swarm of Chinese war planes begin to descend towards my direction. Excessively obese Americans with even weightier guns stand beside me. We are all clad in childish war paint within the centre of New York, the version I see depicted in so many movies. The red and white planes scream out an Asian war cry from the decorative mouths on their metallic hulls. Crystal skull began to drop from their ass ends towards the jagged cityscape. The skulls cackle in distorting laughs – eyes glowing in a crimson red. Every building they hit turns into red ooze before melting into the consuming rubble below. One such skeletal head flies directly towards me. Without thought I throw myself into the air, catching the crystal skull hundreds of meters in the air. With a mighty bellow I go to throw the skull back towards its origin. Horror strikes me like a stray bolt of lightning. Sitting in the pilot seat is a mirror image of myself- smiling a cruel, vicious grin. My heart tightens and I feel the mighty pull of gravity below me. The skull in my hand shrieks an alien cry before morphing into a curtain of lava. Within seconds my arm flares up from the magma and burns with a smell of barbequed flesh. The flames etch up my arm as I plummet towards the ground, revealing the muscles, twisted like tangled rope.  
As I crash into the ground, the stone wraps around my legs. The world becomes a blur of smoke and dust while the rock hardens into cold reflective steel. I stare down at my hands now gripping a pair of handles. The buzzing was louder now, closer. I was in the cockpit of one of the Chinese planes. Leaping towards me was myself – holding a laughing skull in his hand.
This was a task done for my creative Writing unit. Everyone wrote down their dream and then in groups of four we shared our dreams. Afterwards we combined bits of everyones dreams to formulate a new dream piece.

This was easily the oddest thing I've tried to write. I wanted it to make sense but at the same time i couldn't force it to make sense since it was meant to feel like a dream.

Either way, odd as hell to write.
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September 26, 2012
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