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Name: Colonel (Nicholas) Barshka
Age: 41
Colonel Barshka is a demented husk of a man. Half his face is burnt black the other is scarred with numerous horizontal cuts. His left pupil is a hazel brown colour while his right is missing completely leaving a hollow in the burnt skin.  All but his four front teeth have been removed leaving him a rather rat like grin while his tongue has been sliced down the centre like a snakes. His index and ring fingers have been chopped off at the knuckles on both hands leaving gruesome stubs in their places. His big and small toes have also been cut off and the remainder of his body is covered in wounds. Due to the difficulty to eat with only four teeth Barshka is very lean. He hides most of his appearance under a set of black clothes: shirt, pants coat. The back of his coat and the left breast of his shirt is adorned with the symbol of his army: A red Wyvern and rapier. A black top hat hides his bald head.

Background History:
The majority of Barshka's wounds were acquired when captured as a prisoner of war during his third service. His eye however was stabbed during a duel much later and was removed via Barshka himself. Regardless of his crippled state Barshka continued to fly up the ranks; also regardless if the population of his country shied away from him. Even King Leonard is scared of him but he is also aware of Barshka's ruthlessness, effectiveness and above all loyalty. Leonard who was simply a prince and friend at the time had rescued Barshka from the enemy cells and so Barshka pledged what remained of his life to Leonard.
Barshka was born into nobility but after his torture; his family, rather than offer sympathy, pretended he died in the war. Leonard was once a childhood friend but now Barshka does not believe in friends.

Barshka is ruthless in every way, caring nothing about no-one including Leonard. Barshka cares only about easing his own suffering with the suffering of others. Unlike other Colonels; Barshka enjoys being in the front lines of battle and even with his own crippled appearance he spends most his time toying with enemy victims before butchering them limb by limb. Barshka likes to take prisoners of his own to "gain information from" but every soldier under his command knows Barshka likes to do to those what was done to him. Regardless Barshka's ruthlessness and sadistic nature have been the cause of many victories for King Leonard.

Barshka can only see out of his one remaining eye and his wounded body has weakened him greatly since his 'glory days' however having come so close to death he acquired a power to allow him to move at excessive speed with severe repercussions of pain to his body. The pain however is still nothing more than an addition to the constant pain he suffers every moment, caused from his torture. His fighting style is aggressive but very tactful; he likes to hold back however to 'play' with his enemies.

Barshka uses only an Obsidian encrusted rapier that is simple in design but deadly in battle.

Barshka hates soup and has no control over his own bowels.
Character sheet for one of many characters. I use this as one of my Neo-Duelist League Role-playing Characters.

This is how I start all character creations before fleshing out every other detail.
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March 21, 2012
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